ACDx is a revolutionary MRI Gating & Monitoring solution



ACDx, our product-in-development, will deliver advanced capabilities including Precision Gating, real-time Diagnostic-quality ECG and blood-flow monitoring, enabling improved image quality and patient safety monitoring.    Here you can learn more about the artifact problems we address, ACDx's capabilities and benefits, who we are and more.

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All Clear Diagnostics' mission is to support radiologists, cardiologists and neurologists through the development of advanced MRI Gating & Monitoring tools and capabilities.

ACDx, our product-in-development, is designed to deliver significantly improved image quality, real-time diagnostic ECG monitoring and enhanced data to facilitate faster, more informed evaluations.

We invite you to learn more about the problems we solve and our solution, below.

The Problem & Solution

The MRI Artifact Challenge

““MRI promises to revolutionize advanced imaging, but is constrained by several artifact challenges to operate without (magnetic and body motion) interference and other continuous monitoring obstructions ."

National Institutes Health/National Heart Lung Blood Institute 

Artifacts are generated by several sources (see "MRI artifacts" page), which impair image-quality, obstruct diagnostic-quality monitoring and limit decision-support intelligence.

The ACDx Solution

ACDx uses a combination of novel, patented algorithms, sensors and AI to reduce artifact impacts on image quality. It will also enable real-time, diagnostic-quality ECG and blood-flow monitoring during scans.   (See "Products and Services")


ACDx is designed to:  

  • Significantly improve cardiac, vascular and neurological image quality
  • Enable real-time ECG and blood-flow monitoring
  • Streamline workflow, reduce exam  times, and lower costs 
  • Enhance decision-support data to enable faster, more informed evaluations

ACDx's goal is to deliver clinical and financial benefits for every MRI center.

Enhancing and Enabling

 ACDx is a digital processing platform that uses a proprietary, non-filter-based algorithm to separate signals acquired within the MRI and provides clinically useful data for gating, monitoring and decision-support.

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