Precision Gating, Diagnostic Monitoring and Evaluation Service Development

Precision Gating & Flexible Triggering


ACDx's is designed to cleanly separate signals in milliseconds to provide accurate ECG and blood-flow traces. ACDx precision gating and triggering results in clearer images and shorter exam times. 

Real-time, diagnostic-quality monitoring


Patient safety is paramount.  ACDx will be able to reliably monitor for heart-rate variability, PVCs, arrhythmia and ischemia during scans.

Enhanced decision-support intelligence


ACDx will allow synchronization of diagnostic-quality ECG and blood-flow data with images for enhanced cardiac, vascular, brain, and stroke evaluations.

AI enhancement


ACDx performance and capabilities will continuously improve through AI and deep-learning methods.

Modular Design


ACDx's Base Platform is designed to meet your unique MRI needs. It will surpass state-of-the-art standards for MRI gating accuracy and "triggering" flexibility.

Our specialized cardiovascular and neurological modules, will provide further, advanced capabilities, with full and easy Base Platform integration.

New Gating & Monitoring capabilties


 Working with industry thought leaders and front-line technicians, we will leverage ACDx capabilities to open new doors for MRI, including:

  • Safety monitoring for Stroke & Brain 
  • MRI guidance during interventional procedures
  • In-bore drug titration 
  • Contrast agent triage or reduction
  • Reduced cerebral spinal fluid and esophageal artifact impact
  • Brain/Heart maps
  • Interventional guidance